The OSVG vault currently contains:

100+ – Pieces of hardware, including consoles and Handhelds (most with original box)

1200+ – Games (disc or cartridge-based media)

Numerous add-ons and accessories (light-guns, generation adapters, cross-platform adapters, keyboards, controllers, etc.) still to be cataloged.

You can view the currently cataloged items in our CLZ database.

A note about image hotlinking:

The site does not allow hotlinking of images for various reasons. Not least of which* is the time and energy that goes into acquiring, cleaning, photographing, and posting each item. That said, OSVG will be providing some images that can me used for personal, non-commercial use. These images, once compiled, will appear on resources.osvg.net and will allow download as well as hotlinking of one or more images for every console posted on the site.

A future project is to provide photos specifically for use by CLZ clients and possibly for free databases such as TGDB (still mulling this over).

* – But also in a bid not to see them all over eBay as ‘stock photos’. Most of the images on OSVG are heavily retouched so that they look brand-new. As an buyer I hate when some auction software seeks out pristine stock photos and attaches them to something that’s decidedly not pristine. So I’d like to make sure that mine are not used in this manner.