Coleco Telstar Alpha

In the vault. Coming soon…


The Coleco Telstar Alpha, released in 1977, was one of a long line of Pong machines produce by Coleco in 1976 and 1977. The Alpha featured four Pong variations: Tennis, Hockey (Soccer), Squash/Jai-Alai, and Handball.

This all-in-one had two built-in analog paddles and an RF output cable. Power was derived from six C-cell batteries or an optional Coleco 6041 AC adapter. A difficulty setting switch affected both available players and allowed for Beginner, Intermediate, and Pro settings.


  • Model: 6030
  • Software Medium: N/A
  • Microprocessor: General Instrument AY-3-8500/AY-3-8500-1 ‘Ball & Paddle’ IC
  • RAM: N/A
  • RAM Expansion: N/A
  • Video Processor: Direct RF out from AY-3-8500
  • Video RAM: N/A
  • Video Resolution: 525 lines (NTSC), 625 lines (PAL)
  • Color Depth: B&W
  • Video Outputs: Internal RF modulator
  • Video Color Palette: B&W
  • Sprites: N/A
  • Audio: Noise generator via AY-3-8500
  • Audio Waveforms: Noise
  • Audio Outputs: Internal RF modulator
  • Inputs: N/A
  • I/O: N/A
  • Standard Controllers: Two built-in analog potentiometers/paddles
  • Alternate Controllers: N/A
  • Power Input: 9v DC

Games Library

  • Built-InTennis, Hockey, Handball, Squash/Jai-Alai. These games are all Pong variants and the AY-3-8500 provided only Tennis (Pong), Soccer (used for Hockey) and Squash (used for Handball and Squash/Jai-Alai) variations.

There were 3 unused games available from the AY-3-8500 chip: Practice, Rifle Game 1, Rifle Game 2. Additionally, a 7th hidden game, often called Handicap, was possible. This was  aHockey variant which gave the right player an additional third paddle.